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Waxing & Threading

Technically designed to give you silky sleek skin without any ingrown hair.

Regular waxing and threading adds a graceful finesse to a woman’s beauty. It helps remove a layer of dead and dull skin cells, unwanted hair follicles and makes skin look neat and tidy.

Amina.Z is a full service waxing and threading services salon, and for us these facilities are beyond basic hair removal, they have been technically designed to give you silky and sleek skin without the worry of potentially having ingrown hair.

Our waxing methods are fast and effective and will leave your skin hair free and famously smooth. Our hair threading methods focus not only on hair removal, but also best shapes and techniques to make you look beautiful according to your face shape.

Waxing & Threading Services List

  • Threading (Eye Brows, Upper, Lower & Side Lip, Chin, Sides of Face and overall Combined Face threading)
  • Facial Waxing (Lips, Chins, Sides of Face and Combined Face Waxing)
  • Plain Hot Wax (Back, Bikini Line, Chest, Arms, Legs, Under Arms and Full body)
  • Fruit Wax (Back, Bikini Line, Chest, Arms, Legs, Under Arms and Full Body).

Other Services

All our services are indulgent and luxurious and created to help you unwind and enjoy the peace, serenity and tranquillity that our environment creates.