About Us


The store of Amina Z. Beauty Salon & Makeup Studio, the best beauty and makeup Services salon in Lahore, is one of strength, valor and commitment to beauty. Established as a Beauty Salon in 2002, by Amina Zahoor, the salon is built by passion as Amina was driven to create a beauty experience that was unparalleled in Pakistan. Starting out as a Depilex franchise, and growing to become one of the most renowned Beauty salon and Makeup Studio brands in the country, the Amina Z. Salon is unparalleled in the quality of high-end professional Beauty and Makeup Services Salon , and customer experience that is so carefully crafted by the salon’s namesake, Amina Zahoor, herself.


At Amina.Z Beauty Salon and Makeup Studio out utmost priority us our client and the experience that we create for her through our professional beauty and makeup services in Lahore. We value customer service and prioritize quality, cleanliness and hygiene, which is at par with international standards.

Our values

  • Premium Customer Service
  • Top Quality Services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Professionalism & Experience
  • Integrity & Business Ethics


About Owner

Amina.Z Beauty Salon and Makeup Studio is owned by the renowned makeup maestro and cosmetologist Amina Zahoor, whose infinite passion for beauty and makeup services led her into pursuing her dream of building the most recognized salon in the country.

Deeply captivated by the art of makeup, Amina Zahoor has been trained by some of the most renowned names, both local and international, in the world of beauty. This makes her one of the most experienced and highly skilled Makeup artists and experts in Pakistan.

Amina received her initial training at Depilex Lahore and then went on to train at the prestigious ‘London School of Beauty and Makeup,’ which was just the beginning to her journey. As a student, Amina enrolled in advanced and intensive curriculums and was recognized for the innate talent that she possessed, which went deeper than any training imparted. In 2002, Amina became a salon owner and franchisee for Depilex, which she later surrendered to establish her namesake salon Brand Amina.Z Salons.

What sets this maestro apart is her never-ending thirst for knowledge and continuous desire to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advances in all facets of makeup and beauty services. This makes her an unparalleled force in the beauty industry today and one that is worth watching and worth experiencing.

Certifications and Achivements of Ms. Amina Zahoor