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We are a full-service, luxury spa & salon, providing our clients with top quality services using the latest technologies, techniques, trends and expertise.

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The elegance, grace and sophistication that is carefully crafted in every look we create is more like art rather than makeup.

Amina.Z Salon – The Best Beauty Parlour in Lahore

It is only natural for every girl to desire to look beautiful. Especially on occasions like parties or friends and family gatherings. It is imperative that special measures be taken for big events such as weddings. There are multifaceted aspects, to achieve the desired results; which make your special occasion an unforgettable part of your life.

Being a bride is the perfect reason to indulge in a self-pampering regime. Taking time off for relaxing, is not only an amazing way to ease the tension and stress from wedding planning; it will indeed help you look your best on the big day.

There are many incredible treatments available these days. Spoil yourself with a relaxing massage. Our skin experts will give full assistance to select from the vast range of facials, manicures and pedicures we offer, to suit your skin type. Giving you the ultimate smooth nourished skin and facial glow required. This is essential for each bride. Be sure to schedule a few visits to any one of our DHA or Faisal Town branches for your spa treatments, prior to the big day.

Selecting the perfect look, which makes you look your best is of paramount importance. Bridal Makeup and hairdo, plays an absolutely vital role in stipulating a unique look, which each bride aspires. Every bride needs to have the ideal makeup that compliments her dress, to look utterly stunning. From the long list of beauty parlours in Lahore, choosing an experienced makeup artist and the best salon is crucial. Amina.Z Salon and Makeup Studio is just the right choice. We postulate brides with flawless makeup, hiding facial imperfections and highlighting best facial features. We specialize in Bridal makeup and Bridal hairstyling, using the latest techniques and keeping up to date with the hottest fashion trends. For your picture-perfect look Amina.Z Salon is the top beauty parlour in Lahore.